Take a moment to review our list of services, then ask your physician if your procedure can be performed at Dupont Surgery Center.


At DSC we do over 4500 eye procedures a year, everyday of the week, Monday through Friday. Our state-of-the-art equipment is superior and unsurpassed by any facility in the Louisville area. Our Ophthalmologists on staff are the most respected surgeons in the area. When you come to Dupont Surgery Center for eye surgery, you have come to the right place!


Dupont Surgery Center has had the pleasure of treating children for over 20 years. Our staff is familiar and trained in pediatric care. We care for your child as if they were our own. You and your child are always welcome to tour (by appointment only) the facility prior to their procedure. The tour will encompass:

  • •Explanation of what type of surgery and how they will feel after the procedure is very important.
  • •Let your child know you will be there with them in the recovery area.
  • •Have your child bring their favorite toy or blanket to keep them company.

Plastic Surgery

Dupont Surgery Center has the most experienced and respected Plastic Surgeons in the area. The doctors have chosen Dupont for the superior care and attention their patients receive; before, during and after the surgical experience.


Our respected Podiatrists on staff have chosen DSC for the superior care given to their patients. We welcome you!