Gregory Sulkowski, MD

Sulkowski, MD
Medical School
Harvard Medical School
Office Location
1169 Eastern Parkway, Suite 3427 | Louisville , KY | 40217

Dr. Greg Sulkowski was born and raised around Boston, MA. He majored in cognitive neuroscience at Harvard University and then entered Harvard Medical School. He moved to Chicago, IL for his medical training, completing a residency in ophthalmology at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He practiced comprehensive Ophthalmology, in Chicago before moving to Louisville, KY, where he completed a fellowship in glaucoma.  He is a member of the American Glaucoma Society and focuses his clinical and surgical practice on glaucoma. He also heads our Research Center, which allows interested patients to participate in trials of new medications before they come to market. These are principally related to the treatment of glaucoma or dry eyes and are sponsored by the various major ophthalmic pharmaceutical companies, such as Allergan, Pfizer, Inotek, and Santen.

Dr. Sulkowski believes the role of a physician is not only to optimize the patient's health through diagnosis, treatment, and surgery, but to effectively communicate his logic and actively engage the patient in the decision-making process. He is open to discussing various approaches to different conditions, from simple observation to aggressive treatment, and believes that the patient is entitled to the final say in any medical or surgical plan.